Regenerate the metabolism: naturally with the Schroth cure

Many tips and diets circulate through the net. The Schrothkur is not a fashion diet. It is a classic healing process that activates the self-healing powers of your body and thus restarts metabolic processes.

Maybe she sometimes seems a little "retro" because she can do it with so few resources. But that's exactly where her secret lies. Healthy vegetables, fruit in compote form, water, a sweat wrap, a rhythmic change of dry and drink days.

Naturally effective for high pressure, obesity and diabetes

Your body has great own potential to regenerate itself. At the same time as weight loss improves blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and inflammation. Painful conditions can be greatly reduced. And especially in diabetes mellitus type 2, the so-called old-age diabetes, the Schrothkur has shown great success.

The second strength of the Schrothkur lies in its - quite new German - mental power. Nothing strengthens and motivates you more than a Schroth cure. You can really feel every day on vacation, how well you are. Without all the favorite foods and secret little sins that are so enticing at home. They go radiant through the day. Internally and externally. Especially these positive experiences will bring you well through your everyday life afterwards. They have the positive experience. The cure strengthens them! You are and will remain motivated! Of course, there are always setbacks where well intentioned intentions fail. But with your good Schrothkurer experience you can always call your strength. Try it. Or as we are here, just keep on scraping.

The principle here in key words, in short:

# Diet:
Calorie-reduced, alkaline, free of animal proteins and fats and low in salt? so the pounds tumble and the metabolism gets back on track. Consciously low-calorie diet in a weekly recurring rhythm. The result may be: weight lost, blood pressure corrected, cholesterol lowered ... and much, much more. Your doctor will prove it to you by your better blood values. The encore: recovering all around, shaking off the stress and full of new energy and momentum.

Feel yourself again

# Kurgetränke:
Varied quantities of drinks at the individual spa days. The sense: a kind of tissue drainage. The choice of drinks: water, tea, juice and wine.

# Schrothkurpackung:
Perhaps the most comfortable way to get well and fit: A damp, warm wrap in your own bed, administered early in the morning and healthy sweat for two hours? Regenerate or colloquially Purify and detoxify in a relaxing way. At the same time: Metabolic stimulation without effort. The spa doctor decides on-site how the Schroth pack can be administered (3/4 pack, full body pack)


Classically, the Schroth cure is offered weekly. We are happy to provide you with an individual offer. Send us by mail your desired date. For massages a family doctor's recipe can be brought, as the massage practice has a cash register.

Relax Double Room € 579 - 639 pp

Double Comfort € 629 - 699 pp

Single room € 599 - 689

Original Oberstaufner Schrothkur: the proven healing process

  • 7 nights
  • 1 bottle of welcome water in the room
  • Tea, drinks according to Schrothverband
  • junk lunch and dinner
  • medical prescribed additional food
  • Body-cream at the end of your cure (depending on the duration of the cure 1 or 2 days)
  • 10% on cosmetic applications
  • Services Oberstaufen PLUS (more ...)
  • Bathrobe in the room
The Schroth packs are settled directly with the packer, per pack € 16, with an approved spa treatment on the cash register.

The Schrothkur can be carried out either as a private holiday or also supported by the statutory health insurance as an open spa cure. As a precautionary measure recognized by the health insurances, a specific application procedure must be followed. A first step leads to your family doctor. Spa treatments are tied to a specific length of stay. The health fund takes over the Schroth cure packings, medical expenses and therapeutic applications up to the own contribution.

The good mood cure

But not always you have so much holiday to 14 days from home ausklinken. It is still worthwhile to shred. Even in seven or ten days, you can already achieve metabolic and weight changes. Our experience has shown that you travel home very motivated after such a short cure. Often the guests extend the treatment at home. In any case, they pay close attention to your diet and health for a long time. Many guests report a few kilos, the home still tumble, because it is "just so good" after the Schroth cure at home.

Sometimes the Schroth cure has to be adapted to certain health conditions. This applies, for example, to the diet of type 2 diabetes mellitus. For this reason, it is important that the treatment is accompanied by a medical examination, at least through a health check-up. The treatment costs for the initial examination are the same and are around 52 Eur.

The Schrothkur knows other days of the week: Trochen- / Trinktage, small and large. Confusing at first, but then quickly obvious. On dry days, we serve classic classic in the spirit Johann Schroths soaked dried fruit, plums and apricots, alternatively Diätsauerkraut. At the other lunchtime meals, vegetable soups are served, freshly cooked from delicious vegetables with lots of fresh herbs. Only in the first days do you miss the salt in the food. You will be amazed at how sensitive your taste buds are and how well you can handle the food. It is not really a hunger. They ritualize their lunch, come to the table at even times. Talk, laugh, talk, eat slowly, are satisfied. Especially the regular table times are an important exercise ritual for your blood sugar. The dinner is a varied combination of vegetables, potatoes, wholemeal rolls. The beverage selection in the Schrothkur includes water, tea, diluted fruit juices, wine, juniper.

The Schrothkur is a "good mood cure": walking, going out, dancing, laughing, that's part of it.